Call origin and demand they abandon dangerous fracking


As an customer of Origin Energy who is concerned about their plans to frack for gas in the Northern Territory, you can call and let them know you are not OK with fracking and that this may lead to you deciding to leave Origin and find another electricity or gas provider. Scroll down for some talking points to help you on the phone ↓



  • Call 13 24 61
  • You can also try 13 35 74, or 1300 791 468 if you're having trouble getting through.
  • Choose a sales or general enquiries menu option



If you're a customer:

  • I’m a current Origin customer, and I wanted to let you know that I don’t approve of Origin’s plans to frack for shale gas in the Northern Territory.  I feel so strongly about this that I am prepared to take my business to another electricity/gas provider if Origin don’t abandon their plans for dangerous gas fracking. I would like my concerns about this noted and will be staying in touch about this.
  • I have a current bill with Origin, and I want you to know that I am really disappointed to be giving my money to a company who plans to frack for gas in the Northern Territory.  If you don’t give up on your plans to frack Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory, I will be leaving Origin for another provider. I would like a record of this on my file as I will be following up at a later date.
  • I became a customer with Origin Energy because you talk a lot about sustainability and your “good energy” brand. But fracking Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory, risks vital waterways and groundwater that so much of the Territory relies on. Not only that, it will set off a massive emissions bomb that our climate and communities cannot afford is the exact opposite of this. 
  • I’m looking into other options for my electricity/gas/solar as I don’t want to give my business to a company who’s so committed to such a dangerous and unsustainable industry.


If you're not a customer, it's still really powerful for you to hop on the phone! Here are some talking points:

  • I’ve been thinking of switching to Origin/getting solar power through Origin, but I’ve heard a lot about your plans to frack for shale gas in the Northern Territory and it’s really put me off.
  • I’m a concerned citizen who’s heard a lot about your plans to frack the Northern Territory, and I wanted to call in and let you know how much that concerns me.


Be prepared to wait on hold for quite a while as you go about your day; the goal of this action is to have as many Origin staff in a concentrated period of time answering queries about fracking and understanding how concerning this is to their customer base.