Call Jason Clare

(02) 9790 2466

The Labor Party have just announced a $1.5 billion fund to support the development of unconventional gas pipelines in Northern Australia, which would open up the NT for fracking.

This is outrageous when we know that overwhelmingly Aboriginal communities and people of the NT don’t want fracking and are deeply concerned about the huge risks that fracking poses to our land, water and the climate.

Call Shadow Resources Minister Jason Clare today to add your message and show the strength of community opposition to fracking. If Labor really are committed to taking real action on climate change, they need to seriously reconsider their support for gas fracking pipelines in the NT.

If it’s your first time calling, don’t stress! You’ll probably chat to a staff member who will pass on your message. Here are some talking points to help you on the phone:

  • Hi my name’s xxx and I’m from xxxx
  • I’m calling today because I saw the news that Labor have announced funding for gas pipelines that will enable dangerous fracking in the NT’s Beetaloo Basin.
  • Fracking poses huge risks to land, water and our climate, and many Aboriginal communities and Traditional Owners in the region are saying they don’t want fracking on their land.
  • The carbon emissions that would come from fracking the NT are enormous - and I’m one of the millions of people across the country who will be considering climate change when I vote in the upcoming election.
  • I’m asking Labor to rule out funding for pipelines that would all for fracking, and to prioritise the NT in a transition to 100% clean energy.
  • Can you please tell me how my message will be passed on to Jason Clare?