Call Gunner

Despite remote Aboriginal communities being most at risk to COVID-19, the NT Government is still deciding whether or not to allow gas fracking companies to continue operations which could see fly-in fly-out workers go untested and unquarantined. 

We can’t let this happen. Can you call the NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner today to urge him to declare fracking as “non essential” and immediately shut down all gas fracking operations?

Call Gunner now: (08) 8999 6437

Calling politicians can be a bit daunting sometimes but it’s also incredibly powerful! Politicians assume that a person who picks up the phone is worth 100 people with the same concern. You might not get to talk to Michael Gunner himself, so remember to be polite to the staffer who picks up the phone.

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation. 

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX, I’m from XXXX and I’m calling today to urge Chief Minister Michael Gunner to protect the health of Aboriginal communities and Territorians by immediately putting a stop to all gas drilling and fracking operations and declaring fracking as a “non essential” service.  
  • I am very concerned about the impact that coronavirus could have on Aboriginal communities and all Territorians. I’m very worried that if mining and gas fracking company workers are given exemptions to travel across the Territory without isolation or testing this could increase the spread of the virus into vulnerable communities.  
  • Fracking companies should not be given special treatment in this crisis at the expense of our health. The NT borders need to be properly closed to protect our communities.  Gas fracking is not an essential service. Mining and fracking workers should not be given exemptions from the 14-day isolation period. 
  • Can I confirm that you’ll pass on this message to the Chief Minister? 
  • Thank you for your time.

If you got through, we’d love to hear how your call went. Let us know by filling in the form on this page.