Call origin and demand they abandon dangerous fracking

Call Origin energy NOW and demand that they abandon their dangerous fracking plans 

General enquiries line: 13 24 61

7 am–9 pm Monday–Friday; 9 am–5 pm Saturday

Fracking is risky anywhere, anytime, let alone during wet season and in the middle of a pandemic. With Origin’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) just around the corner, we need to make sure their top decision-makers know that fracking in the NT is risky business. That’s why we’re mobilising Origin Energy customers, shareholders, staff and members of the public to stand with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities who don’t want their land, water and future to be fracked.

If thousands of us speak out, stand up and show that we're willing to walk away from Origin if they proceed with their dangerous fracking plans - they'll be forced to make a choice - to ditch their dangerous fracking plans or continue to ignore Traditional Owners and wreck our climate and future.


Here are some talking points if you get stuck 

  • Introduce yourself 
  • I was wondering if I could register a concern with you. 
  • I’m a concerned citizen who’s heard a lot about your plans to frack for gas in the Northern Territory, and I wanted to call in and let you know how much that concerns me. I’m really worried about the impact of Origin’s dangerous gas fracking plans - such as poisoning the groundwater, polluting the air and destroying Aboriginal land.
  • I also recently heard that Origin have re-started drilling for gas in the NT - which is particularly risky in a pandemic and during wet season. Is this correct?
  • I was really interested in becoming a customer with Origin because you talk a lot about sustainability and "good energy" - but pushing ahead with climate wrecking fracking against the will of Traditional Owners tells us otherwise.
  • I’m aware that the Origin AGM is coming up in the next few days, and would like to ask that you pass on my concerns, and hopefully these will be raised and acted upon. 
  • I'll keep my business with another energy provider as long as Origin remains committed to such a dangerous and unsustainable industry, and will share this with as many friends and family as possible.