Tell Origin to Frack Off!

Call 13 24 61 and select "Option 5"

If you're an Origin customer or shareholder, don't forget to mention that on the phone!

Here are some talking points to help you on the phone...

  • Hi, I’m calling because I just heard that Origin’s Environmental Management Plan for fracking in the Northern Territory just got approved, and I’m deeply concerned about the impacts of fracking for remote Aboriginal communities, water and our climate. 
  • As an [Origin customer/shareholder/member of the community], I'm especially concerned that the wet season in the NT is only weeks away, and this approval means that Origin could start drilling at one of the riskiest times of the year. 
  • Climate change is already impacting seasons and weather patterns across the NT, meaning that big storms and rain are more and more unpredictable. It’s completely unacceptable that Origin Energy would even consider any form of drilling during wet season that could put people’s drinking water, wildlife and the health of impacted communities at risk. 
  • Can you confirm that Origin Energy won’t begin drilling until after the coming wet season? 


If you want to add more, here’s a few other things you could say...

  • Origin Energy's plan to frack in the Northern Territory ignores the concerns of Traditional Owners, Aboriginal people and impacted communities who for years have been calling for a ban on fracking. 
  • The Northern Territory is already experiencing the impacts of climate change and Origin’s plans for fracking would make this even worse. It’s remote Aboriginal communities who feel this first and worst: from extreme heat waves, water shortages and more extreme flooding, this could force many Aboriginal people to move off their country.
  • Origin’s plans for fracking in the NT pose serious risks to the security and quality of water for communities across the Northern Territory and beyond. Dangerous fracking methods could put people’s drinking water, creeks and rivers at risk. 
  • Origin Energy pride themselves on their “good energy” brand and claim to take climate change and working with Aboriginal people seriously, yet going ahead with fracking in the NT goes against all of this.