Call Gunner: stop fracking in wet season!

Origin Energy are rushing ahead with their plans for fracking at the riskiest time of the year! It’s completely unacceptable that the NT Gunner Government continue to give companies like Origin Energy the green light for fracking when people’s drinking water, wildlife and the health of Aboriginal communities is at risk. 

Enough is enough! We need to ensure that the NT Government listen to the concerns of Aboriginal communities before it's too late. 

Will you call Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, today? 

Call him now: (08) 8936 5500

Calling politicians is easy, and incredibly powerful. Politicians assume that a person who picks up the phone is worth 100 people with the same concern. It's unlikely that you'll get to talk to Michael Gunner himself, so remember to be polite to the staffer who picks up the phone as they'll be taking lots of call just like yours.

Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation: 

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX, I'm from XXXX and I'm calling today to express my concern about fracking companies like Origin Energy going ahead with fracking during wet season. Would you be able to take a message for the Chief Minister?
  • I am deeply concerned about the risks that fracking during wet season poses to remote Aboriginal communities whose land, water and health is at threat. For years Aboriginal communities have been calling for a ban on fracking because it's too risky - it's time for the NT Government and fracking companies to listen before it's too late.  
  • Climate change is already impacting seasons and weather patterns across the NT, meaning that big storms and rain are more and more unpredictable. Heavy rainfall and the likelihood of flooding during the wet season means that the toxic waste water produced from fracking could enter streams, rivers and groundwater.
  • It’s completely unacceptable that the NT Government would even consider allowing Origin Energy to go ahead with any form of drilling or fracking during wet season that could put people’s drinking water, wildlife and the health of impacted communities at risk. 
  • Furthermore, Origin Energy's plan to frack in the Northern Territory ignores the concerns of Traditional Owners, Aboriginal people and impacted communities who for years have been calling for a ban on fracking. Other states and counties around the world have banned fracking - and the NT should do the same!
  • After backtracking on the need for fracking wastewater to be stored in enclosed tanks, allowing companies to frack during the wet season is yet another example of the Gunner Government ignoring the concerns of Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory as well as the risks detailed in the NT Fracking Inquiry report. 
  • Can I confirm that you'll pass on this message to the Chief Minister?
  • Thank you for your time.

Once you've made a call, make sure you let us know how it went!