Put community health over profits

Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a huge risk to vulnerable Aboriginal communities, who are already facing many chronic illnesses as a result of colonisation. Right now, the health and wellbeing of our old people and our communities needs to be our priority. 

But the Scott Morrison Government is pushing for mining and fracking to be declared essential services to help prop up their fossil fuel mates – allowing them to keep operating near remote communities, putting pressure on already scarce health resources. 

That's why we need State and Territory Governments to take action now and ensure the National Cabinet prioritises the health of remote and regional communities over corporate profits by declaring fracking a "non essential" service and shutting down all operations immediately. 

Many Aboriginal community members and Traditional Owners are worried for their health and safety at this time.

We need to take this health crisis seriously. We cannot let mining companies risk the health and livelihoods of remote Aboriginal communities for the short-term profits of a dangerous, polluting industry.