Macquarie Bank - Respect First Nations communities

Now is the time to stand with us - call on Macquarie Bank to cease all funding for dangerous gas and respect to the wishes of Traditional Owners 

Australia’s very own Macquarie Bank is bankrolling disastrous fracking projects against the wishes of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory. As a major shareholder and funder of Empire Energy, (the company who are rushing ahead to drill and frack across a permit area that is almost two times the size of Tasmania!) Macquarie Bank is furthering the destruction of  sacred country culture and water.

We know that fracking will threaten sacred country, culture and water. Bankrolling these projects dismisses the long and continued fight of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities who have been saying no to fracking on their land for over a decade. Without a shift away from fossil fuels, we know we cannot see justice and a safe climate future - for all of us.

Sign now to demand Macquarie Bank ceases all funding for gas and listen to First Nations communities!