social complaints

Complain through social media

Origin’s social media is how they reach and engage with a bunch of customers and potential customers. It’s also a space shareholders are more likely to watch in the lead-up to the AGM than at any other time of the year.

Note: Origin seems to be more responsive to Facebook than any other form of social media.

There’s a bunch of ways you call out Origin’s “good energy” hypocrisy and raise awareness of Origin’s plans to frack to their key audience on social media:

  • Leave a comment on their Facebookposts 
  • If you see their Facebook ads, leave a comment
  • DM their Facebook page
  • Tag them in your Facebook and Instagram stories @OriginEnergy
  • Social media is a space you can be less formal and a bit cheekier, especially on posts where they highlight things like: sustainability, lowering carbon footprints or emissions, investing in renewable energy or their “action” on climate change. If you get stuck, check out the key messages above.
  • Direct message on FB



Want to take further action?