Use your voice to tell these key leaders to ban fracking

RIGHT NOW, the Territory government is deciding on whether to allow gas companies to frack up groundwater and country, or ban the practice for good.

These decision makers have a choice to make, will they choose to put a permanent ban on fracking to protect the future of the Territory, or cave to the bullies in the gas lobby?

You can stand in solidarity with Aboriginal communities and Territorians by calling and sending messages to the possible champions below and encouraging them to make the right decision.

Here are some tips of what to say whether on a phone call or through commenting on their social media/tweeting at them:

  • Water is life in the NT, we can't risk poisoning it with toxic chemicals from dangerous fracking
  • The NT will get hardly any money for letting gas companies frack up the state, it didn't work in Queensland, why would it work in the NT?
  • There are hardly any jobs in fracking compared to tourism and farming industries which are threatened by fracking.
  • Fracking will fuel climate change and the forced closures of remote Aboriginal communities
  • You can't drink gas, we need farmers with clean water to put food on the table 

Hashtags to use: #DontFrackTheNT - #waterislife #auspol #nt #fracking

Key issues are listed for each decision maker, so that you can explain how fracking is relevant to their area of concern.

Michael Gunner

Chief Minister Michael Gunner - key decision maker
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs; Minister for Northern Australia; Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services; Minister for Trade, Business and Innovation
Key issues: Aboriginal land rights; heat and fire threats from climate change; bad economic case for fracking.
📞 08 8936 5500
Facebook - Twitter @FannieBay - Instagram @territorychief

Nicole Manison

The Hon Nicole Manison 
Minister for Children; Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics; Treasurer
📞 08 8936 5547
Key issues: Lack of an economic case for fracking - miniscule jobs and returns to the Territory.
Facebook - Twitter @NicoleManison

Natasha Fyles

Attorney General Natasha Fyles
Minister for Justice; Minister for Health

📞 08 8936 5610
Key issues: Fracking threats to the health of communities through toxic water and air.
Facebook - Twitter @NatashaFyles

Lauren Moss

Minister for Environment Lauren Moss
Minister for Corporate and Information Services; Minister for Environment and Natural Resources; Minister for Tourism and Culture
📞 08 8936 5532
Key issues: Threats to water and the environment from fracking; climate change and heat risks in the NT.
Facebook - Twitter @moss4cas - Instagram @laurenmosscas

Kenneth Vowles

Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles
Minister for Arafura Games
📞 08 8936 5680
Key issues: Only Aboriginal minister, stand up for our mob;threats to agriculture and tourism from fracking.
Facebook - Twitter @kenvowles - Instagram @k.vowles

Dale Wakefield

Minister for Territory Families Dale Wakefield
📞 08 8936 5685
Key issues: Forced closure of Aboriginal communities due to fracking and climate change impacts.
Facebook - Twitter @dalesuzi