Origin Energy’s Plans for Fracking Approved at Riskiest Time of the Year

Today, the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, standing with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory, has condemned the NT Government’s decision to approve Origin Energy’s environmental management plan for fracking in the NT. 

Despite wet season being just weeks away, this approval allows Origin Energy to start fracking in the Beetaloo Basin at one of the riskiest times of the year,” said Philip Winzer of the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. 

Heavy rainfall and the likelihood of flooding during the wet season means that the toxic waste water produced from fracking could enter streams, rivers and groundwater, threatening the health of communities and country.  

It’s completely unacceptable that the NT Government have given Origin Energy the green light when people’s drinking water, wildlife and the health of impacted communities is at risk.”

This approval takes Origin Energy one step closer to fracking in the Northern Territory, without the consent of Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities who have told decision makers time and time again that they don’t want their land and waters to be fracked. 

Origin Energy’s proposed fracking activities would also contribute to irreversible climate change impacts for people of the Northern Territory and beyond. 

The Northern Territory is already experiencing the impacts of climate change and Origin’s plans for fracking would make this even worse.” said Amelia Telford of the Seed Indigenuos Youth Climate Network. 

“Across the country, it’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who feel this first and worst: from extreme heat waves, water shortages, rising sea levels and more extreme flooding, climate change could force many Aboriginal people to move off their country.” 

That’s why Aboriginal young people, Traditional Owners and communities most at threat by plans for fracking are leading a growing movement across the country of Origin Energy customers, shareholders and members of the public who are calling on the company to abandon their #DirtyEnergy plans to frack the NT.

“Right now, we have a window of opportunity in the lead up to Origin’s AGM to pile on the pressure and force them to delay their fracking plans, at least until after the wet season.” concluded Amelia. 

Philip and Amelia are available for interview. To find out more about Origin Energy’s dirty track record and the risks of fracking, visit www.goodenergy.net.au/

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