The Northern Territory needs your help to stop disastrous plans to frack the NT’s land and water resources.

Chief Minister Gunner will make a decision about whether to open up thousands of gas wells across the NT, or to ban fracking for good, in the coming weeks.

We need YOUR help to tell him to put a permanent ban on fracking in the NT!

Call Chief Minister Gunner today.

Calling politicians is easy, and incredibly powerful. Politicians assume that a person who picks up the phone is worth 100 people with the same concern. Remember to be polite to the staffer who picks up the phone. Here are some talking points to guide you through the conversation: 

  • Hi there, my name is XXXX, I'm from XXXX and I'm calling today to express my concern about plans to lift the moratorium on shale gas fracking in the NT. Would you be able to take a message for the Chief Minister?
  • I am very concerned about the impact that fracking would have on our climate - the emissions from the Beetaloo Basin alone would blow Australia's carbon budget, and the NT is incredibly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. 
  • Aboriginal communities across the Territory have been calling for a ban on fracking for years now. 
  • The potential impacts on groundwater of shale gas fracking are too high risk to test on the NT's precious resources.  
  • The Inquiry into fracking in the NT was a good move, but the people of the NT have spoken - it's time for an all out ban. 
  • Other states and counties have banned fracking - you should do the same, to keep the NT beautiful. 
  • Can I confirm that you'll pass on this message to the Chief Minister?
  • Thank you for your time.