The Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network has slammed Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s decision to allow fracking companies to frack over half of the NT, destroying land, water and our climate.

Seed National Director Amelia Telford said “Territorians will not stand down until the NT government bans dangerous gas fracking for good.

“The Gunner Government has betrayed the people of the Northern Territory and Aboriginal communities by allowing fracking companies to poison our water, land and climate.

“What this decision shows us is that the NT Government are willing to risk the health, climate and culture of Aboriginal communities and Territorians who are the most threatened by fracking. There is not one place in the world where fracking hasn’t ended badly. The Gunner government has made a grossly irresponsible decision today in allowing gas companies to act on plans for polluting fracking gasfields across the NT.

“No regulations can stop the dangerous greenhouse gas pollution that will warm our climate and make the Northern Territory virtually unliveable in decades to come.

“From severe heat waves to rising sea levels the NT is already experiencing the impacts of climate change. This decision will only exacerbate these consequences for the Territory,” said Nicole Hutton, Garawa woman and Seed Campaigns Director.

“Michael Gunner chose to listen to the bullies in the gas lobby over the people that elected him.

“We’ve seen over the last three years that fracking has no social license to operate. This government has a responsibility to listen to the people of the NT.

“Over half of the NT will be fracked, yet we know that any amount of fracking is too risky and today the Gunner Government has thrown the Territory under the bus.

“Despite today’s disappointing announcement, communities across the NT will continue to fight dangerous fracking to protect country, culture and water.” concluded Ms Hutton

Millie Telford is available for comment on 0413 249 073
Nicole Hutton is available for comment on 0413 568 147