Communities across the Northern Territory have clearly said no the to dangers of fracking, and won’t back down.

We’ve never been more fired up about a campaign than we are about taking on one of the biggest fracking companies - Origin Energy - and ensuring they can never frack for gas in the NT.

Seed has ambitious plans to take on the fracking companies and win. Will you add your name and pledge to be part of the movement to stop Origin Energy fracking the NT?

Origin wants to drill massive fracked wells through the NT’s precious groundwater. Time and time again, people in the Northern Territory have said no to fracking, but companies like Origin refuse to listen.

People should have the final say about what happens to their land, but Origin Energy has ignored the concerns of Traditional Owners and failed tell communities about the risks involved with fracking.

Even the recent NT Fracking Inquiry report found: Aboriginal people from regional communities who made submissions to the Panel almost universally expressed deep concern about, and strong opposition to, the development of any onshore shale gas industry on their country.

Will you take the pledge to join this campaign so we can head to Origin’s AGM next week to show them just how much people power is on our side?

Sign the Pledge

We've worked on big corporate campaigns before - like when we got the big 4 banks to rule out financing Adani's coal mine. Together we can do it again, but it’s going to take a whole lot of people power.

If we’re going to take on one of Australia’s biggest gas companies and win, we need to build a powerful movement of people willing to have heaps of conversations, take on Origin’s brand, and get through to their executive from every angle. Pledge to be part of the action and we’ll keep you updated about how you can make an impact.

The Seed team will be in touch in the coming months with actions you can take to pile the pressure on Origin. We’re not sure entirely what it will take, but we’ve gotta try it all!

Let’s kick out the frackers for good,

Millie, for whole the Seed team

P.S. If you’re feeling fired up too, it’d be great if you could donate to fund hard-hitting rallies and actions outside Origin offices and send a powerful message to stop fracking.